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Best Places To Visit In Berlin – Germany Top Berlin Vacation Travel Guide

Welcome to the best Best Places To Visit In Berlin – Germany. Get the guide to the best hotels, best foods to eat, exclusive travel tips, and things to do in Berlin.

Berlin stands on the vast European Plain in the northeast of Germany, located on the banks of the River Spree. The history of Berlin is both triumph and tragedy, and it has experienced tyranny and change. She experienced two world wars and was divided for most of the Cold War. Berlin can still stand tall and has gradually become one of the places with great influence on the world economy and creativity.

With a population of only 3.5 million, it enjoys ample space. This is not available in other European capitals. Berlin is a very green city physically. Sometimes it feels like this city exists, just filling the space between its many parks, forests, and lakes.

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It has hundreds of kilometers of bicycle tracks, strict traffic laws, and no mountain barriers. Berlin is a perfect city for strolling or cycling. From each unique building, you can explore the city features of Berlin’s circuitous history; from Gothic to Baroque, from socialism to futurism, but unexpectedly, all this is very harmonious and spectacular! The Brandenburg Gate was a symbol of peace in the 18th century. Destroyed in the Second World War and isolated from the partition of Berlin.

Zen Tripstar vacation travel Berlin State Library Tiergarten Berlin Wall Memorial Best Places To Visit In Berlin Top Berlin Vacation Travel Guide
Best Places To Visit In Berlin – Germany – Top Berlin Vacation Travel Guide

Now it has become a gathering point to celebrate reunification or festive activities. The Reichstag which is among the Best Places To Visit In Berlin – Germany is one street to the north from the Brandenburg Gate and is also a symbol of Berlin’s rebirth. During the fall of Berlin in 1933, it was destroyed by war and was reduced to ruins. Today, visitors can climb the transparent dome of the Capitol and have a bird’s eye view of the city. The Holocaust memorial occupies an entire block, a reminder of the evil consequences of letting hatred dominate everything.

Extending to the Brandenburg Gate is Tiergarten Park, an area of ​​500 acres including forest, City park with woodland, and canal. The Tiergarten area has the famous Victory Column, Soviet War Memorial, and Bellevue Palace-the German Presidential Palace. But the most famous among inside these Best Places To Visit In Berlin – Germany is the Berlin Zoo. With more than 1,500 species of animals, it looks more like a natural ecological environment habitat. The Berlin Zoo is one of the most popular and famous zoos in Europe. Berlin is a city church. The Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church retains a spire that was destroyed by the war. As a glorious commemoration of the past, it also created a bold architectural future. But perhaps the most famous place of worship in Berlin is the Reconciliation Church. The spiritual center of the Berlin Wall Memorial.

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Close to the center of Berlin, the other end of the wall has become a colorful memorial wall. Containing the works of 100 international artists, the East Side Gallery is the largest in the world. One of the outdoor art exhibition venues. What is the theme of the exhibition? Of course, it is “free”. Numerous spy novels and movies were shot here. Checkpoint Charlie was during the Cold War. The most famous border crossing. Explore the history of the outpost in the adjacent museum, and what ingenious methods did the Berliners use to escape from the East to the West.

Best Places To Visit In Berlin Top Berlin Vacation Travel Guide Zen Tripstar vacation travel Berlin State Library Tiergarten Reichstag
Best Places To Visit In Berlin – Germany – Top Berlin Vacation Travel Guide

The years of the Cold War, for Berliners and tourists all have endless charm. At the GDR Museum, visitors can look for drawers and cabinets in the exhibits, Reproduce the life of East Germany during the socialist rule. Right across from the GDR Museum is the Museum Island, walk in there. It seems to make people go back in time. Now it is a cultural relic under international protection. There are five museums on the island. Each exhibited exhibits of art and science from different periods. Berlin Cathedral is also located on Museum Island. Enter the church, go up the wide 270 stairs to the observation deck, overlooking the scenery of the city. Berlin is also an excellent civic square.

Humboldt University is located at Bebelplatz. Alexanderplatz became a representative of Soviet architecture during the Cold War. Berlin TV Tower, a futuristic TV tower built in the 1960s, can still evoke the dream of mankind to explore the stars. Potsdamer Platz was once known as Berlin’s Times Square. This place has been rebuilt into a vast ideal space for all Berliners to celebrate the reunification and unity of their cities.

Welcome to Berlin in the 21st century. This city proves to the world that with their tolerance, creativity, and enthusiasm, they can get the most abundant results.

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