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Amazing Venice Vacation Travel Guide Grand Canal Burano Zen Tripstar St. Marks Square Doges Palace San Polo Santa Maria della Salute

Amazing Venice Vacation Travel Guide | Best Travel Tips To Venice

Welcome to the Amazing Venice Vacation Travel Guide blog post. Get the guide to the best hotels, restaurants, travel tips, and things to do in Venice, Italy. Venice, Italy, built on the Venetian Lagoon, very unique in the world. It used to be the largest port in the world. Protected by the rising Adriatic sea. The merchants of Venice created incredible wealth in this city. For a long time, a place known as Venice is sometimes submerged among countless admirers. But if you plan your time carefully, visit slowly, and you will feel the profound beauty and bliss of Venice. Most of the journey starts in the center of San Marco, where you will discover the world. The most magnificent Piazza San Marco. When dawn comes, you can enjoy time in the square at will. There is no obstruction by the crowd. St. Mark’s Square is surrounded by the city’s finest architectural gems. The Basilica of St. Mark is better than other buildings. It is a treasure house of holy relics. From the body of St. Mark to the hair of the Virgin Mary, Collect them all. San Marco is called the Vale of San Mar. This proud symbol can be seen everywhere in Venice. From the cathedral to the city. The beloved Bell Tower of San Marco. Amazing Venice Vacation Travel Guide Grand Canal Burano Zen Tripstar venice italy St. Marks Square Doges Palace San Polo Ca Rezzonico Piazza Ferretto Amazing Venice Vacation Travel Guide Climb the tower to see Venice, stretching out from all the shining splendor of marble and red tiles, the Government House under the tower is the greatest icon of the city. For centuries, this Venetian Gothic masterpiece represents the power and prestige of the Republic. Today, the courtyards, apartments, and houses here become museums to commemorate the achievements and glory of Venice over the centuries. Standing at the traditional gates of the city, Piazza San Marco and San Teodoro among the columns outside. Under the flying lion of San Marco, start your journey along the world’s greatest aquatic artery-the Grand Canal tour. Nearly 2.5 miles along the wind from the canal blows through Venice,...this is the source of her life. Take the originating water bus art line to explore the treasures of the canal leisurely. Or board the cable car to experience the real Venetian style. Mark Twain once said the cable car is the softest mode of transportation ever. Take a tour near the mouth of the South Canal and you will see the Sanctuary of Our Lady of Ankang. An elegant dome that gradually rises. The plague raged in the 17th century, Venice, therefore, turned to worship the Virgin Mary for salvation. Read More: Best Vacation Travel Guide To Rome Italy After the plague problem was resolved, the Venetians built this new church to thank the Virgin. An elegant palace built along the canal used to be the residence of wealthy businessmen. Along the way, it seems to shuttle in dreams. For centuries, the eternal spirit guarding river transportation has been around the door of Venice. Today, many palaces have become museums and art galleries. The Rezzonico Palace allows visitors to experience the wealth of Venice in the 18th century. And the boldly restored Grassi Palace, and its artworks perfectly reflect. The city cherishes the past and welcomes the future. Venice has a way to capture your soul. In the 1940s, an American heiress named Peggy Guggenheim uses the Grand Canal as her home. Today, her passion for Venice is still there, through her incredible collection of modern art. Every day Hundreds of art lovers who came to visit brought joy.