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Top Vacation Travel Guide To Paris France trip explore attractions tourist vacation tourism Zen Tripstar vacations visit Paris Eiffel Tower

Vacation Travel Guide To Paris France

Welcome to Vacation Travel Guide To Paris France. Get the guide to the best hotels, restaurants, travel tips, and things to do in Paris, France. Paris is located in northern France, on the banks of the Seine. The population of Parris, France is over 12 million. It is the capital of France and in the center of Île-de-France. Paris in France gained the reputation of the City of Light in the Age of Enlightenment. It originated from the emergence of many visionary ideas at that time. And the beautiful lights of this city has not diminished since then. It attracts 42 million tourists every year which makes Paris the most popular destination for tourists in the world. Whether it’s by rail, taxi or cycling, it’s a simple and easy way to visit Paris. Vacation Travel Guide To Paris France trip explore attractions tourist vacation tourism Zen Tripstar vacations visit Paris travel Eiffel Tower Vacation Travel Guide To Paris France But to explore Paris in-depth, it is best to walk. The sights in Paris, France are not far apart. Moreover, even if only strolling in the city, it is already like traveling through a scenic postcard. The most dynamic place in Paris is La Défense. La Défense is a modern business district full of lights and artworks. It proves that Paris is still a city built for life even under the busy rhythm. Beginning from the new Arc de Triomphe of La Défense, the 6-mile long axis of history connects us back to the great past of France. Read More: Top 16 Beautiful Islands in the World The Arc de Triomphe was built by Napoleon, Standing magnificently in the center of Charles de Gaulle, you can be condescending at the Arc de Triomphe. Seeing 12 gorgeous avenues, it looks as beautiful as stars spreading out. Starting from the Arc de Triomphe, continue along the historical axis of the Champs Elysées. This gorgeous avenue is the Parisian place to eat, shop, watch theater, and celebrate festivals. You can see elegant gardens and majestic buildings along the avenue. The Champs Elysées is also connected to the largest square in Paris─ Xiehe square. Going further, you will find the greatest art collection in the world: The Louvre. The Louvre was once a royal palace in the 14th century, and today, it is the world's most popular art museum for tourists. There are over 35,000 artworks inside the palace, the most famous ones inside are the Monro Lisa and Venus of Milo. But I want to remind you that these priceless artworks and antiques are impossible to see all in one day.
Best Vacation Travel Guide To Lisbon Portugal Royale Travels Top Destinations in Europe To Tour

Best Vacation Travel Guide To Lisbon, Portugal

Welcome to Best Vacation Travel Guide To Lisbon, Portugal. Get the guide to the best hotels, restaurants, travel tips, and things to do in  Lisbon, Portugal. Lisbon, the capital of Portugal is located on the west coast of the Iberian Peninsula which is the meeting point of the Tagus River and the Atlantic Ocean. This city was completed about 3000 years ago. Centuries before Rome, Paris, and London were built and it has a beautiful history that matches it by the early Phoenician outposts. It later expanded to become a trading center in the 16th century after another major earthquake in 1755 and later the grand reconstruction project. Lisbon is a city that has experienced its glory. Lisbon has been facing all kinds of hardships in the 20th century. But then the goddess of luck again stood on Lisbon's side. Lisbon once lost its luster and it becomes a city of opportunity again in the 21st century. Everything in this city is always closely connected to the sea. Therefore, the most important landmarks in the city are located on the waterfront. It's not surprising, Belem Tower is located on the banks of the Tagus River. Its outstanding elegance makes people can't help but recall Portugals, previous traditions, and glorious history along the river. There is a monument to the discoverer in memory of Portugals, most respected navigator. For example, the great navigator Prince Henry Vasco da Gama and Magellan, etc. Best Vacation Travel Guide To Lisbon, Portugal Go up to the roof and overlook the world map on the floor. It records the routes and various discoveries of the brave and fearless Portuguese sailors. Continue the neighborhood journey at the Jerome Monastery to learn more about Lisbon's maritime history before Vasco da Gama embarked on a great journey to the Far East in 1497. The vast monastery that everyone sees today. The nautical route that relied solely on the spice trade in Dagama brought great wealth to the city and was built. This monastery is also the home to the Maritime Museum in the city Relics, where the Golden Nautical Age of Portugal is preserved in its early 1800s. The Portuguese rulers forced the monks living there to move away from the monastery they loved. The extremely poor monks sold very precious possessions namely their secret egg tart recipe after five generations. The neighboring Belem Patisserie serves dessert lovers every day which suppliers more than 20,000 pieces of Portuguese tart to date, the recipe of Portuguese tart is still a secret. Read More: Best Vacation Travel Guide To Melbourne Australia After tasting the most authentic and delicious Portuguese tart in the world, you can set off to the new creative world. Visit the Museum of Art, Architecture, and Technology up the river. The Portuguese love for the sea continues to be reflected in the well-known marine aquarium in the city. Visitors can enjoy hundreds of marine creatures from all over the ocean from here, take the cable car and continue up the river by checking the city and the total length of 11 miles. The longest bridge in Europe-Vasco da Gama Bridge on this beach, you can also see the magnificent passage of Lisbon Commercial Plaza. This magnificent square is located in the center of Pombal, where the palace used to be until the troubled All Saints' Day in 1755. Natural disasters completely changed Lisbon and even Europe. Feel the devastating tremor of the 6-minute earthquake in the Lisbon Story Center. A major earthquake destroyed the horror of the tsunami and the horror of the five-day fire that followed 85% of buildings. But as the saying goes, "the danger is organic." In just one year, the reconstruction of Lisbon has progressed exceptionally well. Wide avenues replaced the crowded environment of the Middle ages. A new style of earthquake-resistant and elegant building-Pombal came into being. The earthquake also destroyed the old teachings of Lisbon. The destroyed city created the birth of the Age of Enlightenment through the Arc de Triomphe, you can see the statues of the Goddess of Glory, the brave, and the wise. To commemorate the success of Lisbon's rapid reconstruction, then walk along Augusta Street and you will enter another wide square in the city-Rossio. If the commercial square is the gateway to Lisbon, Rossio is the center of Lisbon. Since the Middle Ages, the people of Lisbon have gathered here to appreciate bullfights and hold celebrations. Today, it has become a perfect leisure spot where the fountains provide a relaxed feeling. Let people relax on the wavy sidewalk.