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The Complete Buenos Aires Vacation Travel Guide

Brief History About Buenos Aires

Welcome to the complete Buenos Aires vacation travel guide. Get the guide to the best hotels, travel tips, and things to do in Buenos Aires.

Buenos Aires is also known as La Reina del Plata. The Queen of the Plata River in a far corner of South America. Of Argentina’s 42 million inhabitants, approximately a quarter live in this ever-growing metropolis. Welcome to this beloved capital of Argentina. Buenos Aires combines European architecture with the passion of the Latins, especially for football…. mouth-watering meat…

Of course, there is tango! Buenos Aires was established in the 16th century as a port of gold and silver and was named after the breeze from the ocean. All because of the good weather, wide avenues, and classic hotels and restaurants, this South American city is as fresh as a breath of fresh air.

Buenos Aires was shaped by European immigration; you can easily see why this nickname is “Paris of South America”! Spanish colonists brought their trade knowledge to Argentina which makes this city one of the richest countries in the world. After the colonial period, they are no longer rich, but the glory remains. Buenos Aires is currently one of the capitals with the lowest consumption levels in the world.

The Complete Buenos Aires Vacation Travel Guide Zen Tripstar Argentine National Congress Palace Buenos Aires Argentina

The Complete Buenos Aires Vacation Travel Guide & Best Places To Visit In Buenos Aires

The melancholy of economic depression resonates with the sorrowful sound of tango music. Sit down and enjoy an outdoor lunch in the harbor of La Boca, the birthplace of tango. There are many interesting things in this former immigrant slum. The most famous pedestrian walk in the country “El Caminito” has been preserved.

Go to the port and visit La Bombonera Stadium, this is where the football superstar Maradona made his fortune. The rest of the city is also very unique, If you ask the locals what attractions they have, they will introduce many different places. Some people will introduce you to San Delmont. Go to the courtyard shop of the colonial building to buy souvenirs. Visit the handicraft market in the old neighborhood, buy collectibles and antiques, and listen to live music performances.

As part of this Complete Buenos Aires Vacation Travel Guide, some people will recommend you to the reconstructed Puerto Madero which has modern parks and buildings. It mirrors the preserved relics of the past glorious years. There is also Plaza de Mayo that must not be missed. The terrace of the Presidential Palace “Rose Palace” is reminiscent of the musical “Mrs. Belon”, Fragment of Eva Belon waving. You can go to the Madame Veron Museum near Palermo to learn more about the legendary first lady of the country.

Her story is like a fairy tale dream: a poor actress married the president, become a heroine of the working class. After the news of her death in 1952, thousands of supporters gathered in May Square. Madame Veron’s tomb is the most photographed tomb in Argentina. Although there are cats in the Recoleta Cemetery trying to steal the spotlight. You can take a short walk to Palermo’s Latin American Art Museum.

The Complete Buenos Aires Vacation Travel Guide Zen Tripstar Puerto Madero with the Puente de la Mujer Buenos Aires Argentina

This stylish Latin American art gallery gives you a glimpse of the past. And the novelty of the 20th century! You can return to the city center along with the 9th of July Avenue, which is the widest avenue in the world and hear the impressive acoustics of the Colon Theater. Then, line up to buy tickets to enjoy the Tango show, or sip coffee at the nearby Tortoni Caf, which has been a landmark for more than 150 years. This gorgeous coffee shop is adjacent to Salta City Hall, an old town hall from the Spanish colonial era. Its central bell tower overlooks the Metropolitan Cathedral, also on Plaza de Mayo.

The Complete Buenos Aires Vacation Travel Guide Conclusion

You can visit the tomb of General Jos San Martin, who led the May Revolution, which is the origin of the square’s name. The statue of this liberator adorns the Piazza San Martin north of the Retiro district. When visiting here, stop at the solemn Falkland War Memorial, then watch the stunning parliament building.

In the evening, you can stroll to Puerto Madero to end the day’s visit. Dinner here is served late, and in this rhythmic city, you can dance and revel until sunrise. You will love this city, the crown jewel of Argentina. You only need to visit Buenos Aires to know that all the compliments for this city are true..

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