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Best Destinations to Visit in Houston – USA | Houston Vacation Travel Guide

Welcome to the best destinations to visit in Houston – USA. Get the guide to the best hotels, travel tips, and things to do in Houston – USA

Houston is located near the Gulf of Mexico. Located above several small rivers and the coast of Galveston Bay. Houston in the USA is the most densely populated urban city in Texas. It is also one of the largest cities in the United States. The name of the city is named after a general, He led the people of this land to independence from Mexico’s rule in 1836, which made Houston a small outpost in the Old West. 125 years later, the city becomes the center of space exploration.

Best Destinations To Visit In Houston USA Houston Vacation Travel Guide Zen Tripstar trip explore attractions tourist guide tourism

In fact, the first time it was transmitted from the surface of the moon back to the earth, it was: “Houston, this is Jinghai Base, and the Eagle landed successfully.” Although Houston has a large area and is very famous in the aerospace industry, this metropolis is kind and friendly. This city is not only frequented by commercial, shipping, and aerospace activities, It is surprisingly full of cultural colors. Under the skyline of downtown Houston, the “Discovery Oasis” park is full of various public art, which is dizzying.

And the nearby museum area is full of culture and history There are 18 seats in total with the Science Museum, which can be moved on foot. Here you can find one of the world’s largest private collections of art. The Manny Collection Museum exhibits many treasures, Collected works from ancient to modern masters, such as Picasso, Warhol, and Rothko. This gallery was designed by Piano. And it is famous for being kind, open and free. Walk to the nearby art museum and continue to explore the journey of art chronicles. One of the best destinations to visit in Houston – USA is the Houston Zoo which is just a few streets away. Living with some precious and rare animals on the earth, come here to meet them face to face. There is also a Hemen Park full of historical significance in the museum area.

The pioneer monument and reflection pond are here. Hemen Park is the favorite place for people in Houston to relax. The memorial park is a place to return to nature and stretch your muscles and bones. There is the Houston Botanical Garden Nature Center in the park. In a space covering more than 150 acres, there are lush tree forests, green grasslands, and wetland habitats.

Winding through the center of Houston is the mouth of the Buffalo River. The San Jacinto Monument was erected at the mouth of the river, 18 minutes away from here, it was General Sam Houston’s army that won the land of freedom for this Lone Star State. From here, you can walk to another memorial site of the past battle- Battleship Desass which allowed the warship to enter service in 1914 and participated in both world wars.

This stunning former U.S. Navy flagship has now transformed into a museum ship. However, Houston’s most famous and popular ship among the best destinations to visit is the spacecraft. You must not miss the Houston Space Center. You can experience for yourself the greatest adventure in human history, such as landing on the moon, going to the International Space Station, and so on.

Best Destinations To Visit In Houston USA Houston Vacation Travel Guide Zen Tripstar trip explore attractions tourist guide tourism zen

NASA will choose a site in Houston as the center of spacecraft activities. It is because the climate here is pleasant all year round. But be aware that the temperature on the Gulf Coast will be higher. During hot summer, the best thing is to go to Houston’s beaches, water parks, and nostalgic carnivals. Walk on the Kiama boardwalk and enjoy the cool breeze. Feel the pure and good times of the past. Or, you can go to the Galveston Historic Wharf and travel through time and space as if returning to the old days.

Moodys Garden lives in Houston’s most special residents-penguins. Inside the futuristic pyramid complexes are the aquarium and rainforest and the Discovery Center, fully showing the various customs of our planet. When the sun slowly goes down, please walk along the bay. Try the hot and spicy Texas Mexican dishes.

Start a new day and continue to discover Houston-the most beautiful star in Texas.

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