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Amazing Vacation Travel Guide to Seattle

Introduction to Amazing Vacation Travel Guide to Seattle

Our Amazing Vacation Travel Guide to Seattle provides you with the best tips on what to do, see and eat in this vibrant city. Whether you’re looking for exciting outdoor activities, must-see attractions or delicious local cuisine, we have something for everyone. So get ready to explore the best of Seattle!

Seattle is located on the west coast of the United States, on the Canadian border which is about 100 miles to the south. It is a green, evergreen city located in Puget Sound. There are many parks around Lake Washington and surrounded by towering mountains and forests. Seattle is a well-known cloudy city. When the sun comes out, the magnificent landscape of waterways, forests, and distant mountains are combined.

This makes Seattle one of the most charming cities in the United States. Classical buildings, green public squares, the breezy streets make visiting Seattle an enjoyable experience. Want to enjoy the beautiful view of this city, go to the observation deck on the 35th floor of Smith Tower, or look at the ancient buildings of Seattle near Pioneer Square. Seattle Waterfront is a special attraction in the city center. There are famous restaurants and seafood restaurants. It is also the landing point for yacht cruises.

Take a ferry to browse the unique scenery of the city. Container ships and cruise ships also share these waterways. The busy harbor exposes Seattle’s maritime culture. Alki Beach on the west is a great place in Seattle, where you can enjoy the warm weather. On sunny days, many locals enjoy the beach, leisurely green space, or enjoy the magnificent scenery of Puget Sound and Olympic Mountain. Just walk a short ramp from the waterfront to the city center, the lively Pike Place Market.

Here you can taste Fresh catches from the Northwest Pacific Ocean, you can also chat with shops selling goods or local fishermen. There are many bars and restaurants, stalls, and souvenir shops in the market, and the first Starbucks store in the United States. Walking in Seattle, you can see water everywhere. West of Puget Sound, east of Lake Washington, and the north side of Lake Union, both the shooting scene of the famous movie “The Sky of Fate”.

Going further north is the popular attraction called Woodland Park Zoo. There are more than a thousand species of animals and birds in it. They come from places such as the African savannah and tropical forests. Seattle Flight Museum is located at Boeing Airport, about 15 minutes’ drive from the city center. This breathtaking museum exhibits all kinds of airplanes and spaceships, From the earliest aircraft made by the Wright brothers to modern jets.

To see Seattle’s most famous landscape, you have to go to Kerry Park, south of Queen Anne Mountain. The park is not far from the Seattle Center and is an ideal place to see the famous Space Needle. Especially when the sun goes down, it looks more dazzling. There are many world-famous bands in this city, there are many live music performances in Seattle. The daily bar and club party will last until the early morning.

Amazing Vacation Travel Guide To Seattle

The Pacific Science Center and the famous international fountains, as well as Seattle’s most well-known landmarks Space Needle. Standing on the 520-foot-high observation deck, the beauty of the city will be panoramic. If the weather is clear, you can still see the entire Mount Rainier. It can be seen in every corner of the city on clear day Snow-covered Mountain peaks dominate the Seattle skyline. There are hundreds of miles of hiking trails in Mount Rainier National Park.

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Which can lead to multiple attractions. There are thousand-year-old trees in the ancient patriarch forest. The elevated wooden suspension bridge is one of the easiest routes in the park. If you don’t like walking, you can drive to visit several scenic routes. One of the routes allows you to travel around the mountain. Except for Mount Rainier, on the west side of the city is the Olympic National Park, which is only a few hours’ drive away, which is also a natural wonder.

There is a magnificent Huo River tropical rain forest, Moss and lichens grow on the surface of numbers, like entering another beautiful world. Going further west to Jewel Beach, the tocks in the sea are stacked on the coast, but the shore is covered with driftwood. Seattle is one of the most beautiful cities in North America, full of optimistic prospects. Whether visiting the suburbs or the heart of the city center, Seattle can give you a special and wonderful experience. Come and experience this emerald city!