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The Ultimate Vacation Travel Guide To Kyoto – Japan

Brief History About Kyoto

Welcome to the ultimate vacation travel guide to Kyoto – Japan. Get the guide to the best hotels, travel tips, and things to do in Kyoto – Japan

Kyoto is on the main island of Japan West of Honshu. This is regarded as one of the most beautiful cities in Japan. It has been the political center of the country for thousands of years until Tokyo became the modern capital in 1868. After stepping out of the ultra-modern Kyoto station, you might feel where are the centuries-old culture and traditions of this city? From the Kyoto Tower overlooking the grid streets, No wonder I feel that this is not Kyoto. But Kyoto’s ancient history and culture are surrounding you, It’s usually right in front of you.

Best Places To Visit In Kyoto

Go east from Kyoto Tower, through the skyscrapers in the city center, and step onto Gion Street. In this entertainment area with a long history, start exploring one of Kyoto’s most charming traditional culture’s called geisha. Geisha culture is exquisite and colorful, detached from the world, Show the old colors of Kyoto. Keep going east, explore the narrow alleys such as Shiyuan Road. In traditional Kyoto-style houses lined up side by side. In this type of area, elegant and beautiful Kyoto hotels are all in sight.

The Ultimate Vacation Travel Guide To Kyoto Solotravel Doyoutravel Welltravelled Lovetotravel

These traditional hostels originated from the Edo period. Let you indulge in the feelings of the past. Take a rickshaw, go to the pedestrian-only Sannenzaka and Nenenzaka streets. Explore traditional tea rooms and handicraft shops, then follow the route of the worshipers of the past. Travel to and from the adjacent mountaintop temple. Kyoto is known as “the capital of ten thousand houses”, it takes a long time to visit one by one.

Inside this “The Ultimate Vacation Travel Guide To Kyoto”, most of the Kyoto residents attach great importance to festivals. Each festival has its own characteristics. Each place of worship also has its own style. There are many quiet places here. For example, the city by the first and last emperor Heian Shrine. In a place that is friendly to hospitality. For example, in Qinglianyuan, you will be invited to take a seat, quietly meditate on the outside garden environment. Visit a temple full of rocks, such as one of the most respected temples in Japan-Kiyomizu Temple. Then visit other temples carved from ancient wood, such as Tofuku Temple. The covered bridge here spans a canyon full of maple trees and spruces, which is fascinating.

In all places of worship in Kyoto, Water is an indispensable part. At Cao Dai Temple, let the troubles follow the infinite ocean. The round harrow gravel garden drifted away slowly. If you want to enjoy the water decoration landscape, you can visit Nanzen Temple by passing through the arched aqueduct of the nineteenth century. But among all the temples in Kyoto, Fushimi Inari Taisha is unmatched.

The Ultimate Vacation Travel Guide To Kyoto Solotravel Doyoutravel Welltravelled Zen Tripstar

This temple complex spans the entire hillside, enshrine the fox god, the messenger of the god Inari. Climbing from the main shrine, walked 2.5 miles and crossed 10,000 torii gates. Along the way, you can see countless smaller shrines. You can go inside to worship or make a big effort to complete the two-hour journey and reach the top of the mountain. The shadow of the old days of Kyoto is not only present in street temples.

In the Miyaji of Nijo Castle and the short cherry blossom season, you can also feel the feelings of the past. In addition, you can listen to the rustling wind and leaves, appreciate the extraordinary beauty of Arashiyama Bamboo Forest, and feel the tranquil atmosphere of Zen brought by the monkeys in the city. The old characteristics of Kyoto still permeate everywhere, including Shabu-shabu and other shared delicacies. The slow pace of the rickshaw, and after nightfall, a colorful scene like lanterns. Maybe in the city’s flashing lights, I feel that this is no longer the old Kyoto.

Conclusion To Our The Ultimate Vacation Travel Guide To Kyoto – Japan

Start a journey through the past and the present in Kyoto, feel the historical sentiments of the past and the current fashion culture. When the world changes over time, Kyoto gradually develops in a peaceful atmosphere, Let people slowly savor and indulge. Kyoto has always been Kyoto forever..

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