Best Places To Visit In Vancouver Canada Vancouver Vacation Travel Guide Zen Tripstar Canada Vancouver British Columbia BC Stanley Park

Best Places to Visit in Vancouver – Canada

Welcome to the Best Places to Visit in Vancouver – Canada. Get the guide to the best hotels, travel tips, and things to do in Vancouver – Canada.

Vancouver is the largest city in British Columbia. It’s the gateway to Alaska’s glaciers, the wildlife of western Canada, and the Whistler ski slopes, and it is also one of the world’s most coveted places to live. When walking around Vancouver, the salty sea breeze carries the fresh scent of both forest and adventure. The welcoming town is filled with the aroma of fantastic cooking, roasted coffee beans, hops from the breweries, and all the pleasures you can expect from a city that is regularly voted as the world’s best city to live in.

The secret behind Vancouver’s success is that it has been built with just this in mind. Since European colonies settled 150 years ago, the people of Vancouver have protected the rivers, the coast, and the forest and maintained the perfect balance between nature and the man-made city. The best example of this is the city’s great pride, Stanley Park, which dates back to 1886. As Stanley Park stretches over more than 400 acres, you can return time and time again and always experience something new.

Best Places To Visit In Vancouver Canada Vancouver Vacation Travel Guide Zen Tripstar Canada Vancouver British Columbia Stanley Park

To get to the park you can bike or walk along the old sea dike from the center of Vancouver. The sea dike not only keeps the sea at a distance but make sure the area along the water is accessible to all. Water has always played an important role in this port city. Watch the ships sail in and out of Brockton Point, where the lighthouse marks the easternmost point of Stanley Park, or from the viewing platform at Prospect Point at the northernmost end of the park. Canada’s indigenous people were also seafarers, and they sailed along the hazy shores over 17,000 years ago.

Another amazing best places to visit in Vancouver is the Museum of Anthropology. The Museum of Anthropology at the University of British Columbia tells totems and sculptures the mythologies of the Haida people and the other native tribes on the northwest coast. The modern city is named after the British sailor George Vancouver, who came here in 1792. The original colony was called “Gastown”.

In 1867, the sailor persuaded Gassy Jack the local carpenters to build a bar for him in exchange for all the whiskey they could drink at once. Nobody knows who got the most out of the deal, but the bar was quickly built, and a town was born. Gassy Jack and his bar are long gone, but in the historic district of Gastown which is one of the best places to visit in Vancouver – Canada, his spirit is still in good company, tasty food and the steams of the city’s famous steam clock.

Vancouver’s early history continues at Waterfront Station, which is the western terminus of the Canadian Railways. The construction of the railway brought many thousands of Chinese to the country, and their descendants have lived in Vancouver ever since. Experience the many cultures and Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Park and the Classical Chinese Garden, which is the first of its kind outside China. One of the best places to visit in Vancouver is Chinatown where a mixture of oriental scents and fresh seafood has earned the city the title of Canada’s culinary capital. Back in the center, you can admire another iconic landmark, namely The Fairmont Hotel Vancouver. The beautiful hotel opened in 1939 and became a symbol of the city’s growing prestige and confidence in its own worth. Canada Place is a few minutes’ walks away where cruise ships bring travelers from all over the world to Vancouver if they do not continue on a magnificent journey to Alaska.

If you are visiting Vancouver with little adventurers, they will have fun in Science World. And at the Vancouver Aquarium, the little explorers can meet the exciting animals from the sea of British Columbia or look at the many tropical species as they swim past. After visiting the highlights of the city center, you can explore the southern part of the city. Take the ferry or water bus across False Creek to Granville Island. Buy supplies and delicious snacks at the famous Granville Island Public Market, and taste locally brewed beers at Granville Island Brewing. Head south Granville Island to Queen Elizabeth Park on Little Mountain, the city’s highest point.

Here once lay a quarry, but the city turned the gravel pits into an impressive network of gardens and created a peaceful oasis high above the city. Once you have enjoyed the view, you can go to the Bloedel Conservatory, a lush greenhouse with some of Vancouver’s most colorful inhabitants. When it’s time to go out into nature, you can cross the Lions Gate Bridge, named after the mountain peaks that tower over the city. The North Shore Mountains are divided into three deep valleys. In the wild, bears are found, and salmon jump in the rivers that flow through the ancient forests.

Best Places To Visit In Vancouver Canada Vancouver Vacation Travel Guide Zen Tripstar Canada Vancouver British Columbia BC Stanley

Cross the Capilano Suspension Bridge at 135 meters, which has tickled the nerves of visitors for over 125 years. Embark on an adventure in the treetops high above the forest floor. To see Vancouver in bird’s eye view, you can go to the top of Grouse Mountain which is one of the Best Places to Visit in Vancouver – Canada. Or even higher, to the viewing platform in The Eye of the Wind, the mountain’s famous windmill. Vancouver offers unique nature experiences and stunning views, all within the city limits, but travel a little further afield to find even more spectacular experiences. Less than two hours’ drive from town is the famous mountain town of Whistler. This city is magical all year round, but when the first snow of the season falls from the sky, it transforms into a true wonderland. Ski at Whistler Blackcomb Resort, North America’s largest ski resort. The beautiful network of slopes suits all levels and attracts skilled skiers and beginners from all over the world.

You can drive back to Vancouver the same day, but why not stay a few nights to have fun in front of the fireplace and enjoy Canada’s incredible hospitality. Vancouver is and always has been a city associated with nature and adventure, enticing in the breeze, the water, and the mountains and about each a street corner. So, whether you have existing exciting experiences in the wilderness or adventure in the big city, you can feel that you live and feel at home in Vancouver..

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