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Amazing Vacation Travel Guide to Fiji

Hi everyone. Welcome to this (Amazing Vacation Travel Guide to Fiji) blog post. Get the guide to the best hotels, travel tips, and things to do in Fiji.

The island country of Fiji is located in the glittering South Pacific, which is located between Hawaii and Australia. There are 330 islands in Fiji, two-thirds of which are uninhabited desert islands. Fiji is one of the most beautiful and unpolluted destinations on this earth. Fiji has a jagged rock and warrior culture. For centuries, it has attracted European explorers and businessmen. Now, Fiji society still retains its traditional culture of common resources. At the same time, it maintains close contact with the earth and the ocean. Today, Fiji is one of the friendliest places in the world. Fiji’s greeting words “Bulla” which means “life” and “healthy”.

Amazing Vacation Travel Guide To Fiji Castaway Island destination fiji guide Malolo Denarau Port Robinson Crusoe Island Travel Zen Tripstar

Within a few minutes of arriving, you will keep hearing this word; In the near future, you will greet them with their warm and hospitable spirit. The main island of Fiji is called Vitu Levu. The people living here account for 85% of Fiji’s total population. Most of them are Melanesians and Indians. It’s about two and a half hours’ drive from Nadi International Airport. You can reach Suva, the capital of Fiji. Strolling on the streets full of colonial buildings, visit various markets or hang out with the locals besides the quiet harbor.

From Suva, you can roam west along the magnificent Coral Coast to enjoy the surrounding scenery. The beach and the bay are 50 miles long and are dotted with coral reefs. Which has been extended to the coastline. Here, you do not need to take submarine sightseeing. Just put on an oxygen mask at the resort and step out of the water, then you can dive to explore and understand why Fiji is one of the best places in the world for snorkeling and diving. On this main island of Fiji, there are many adventures waiting for you to discover. Go to the Fiji Spice Gardens to smell the fragrance, play zip line through the forest, or take a four-wheel-drive and embark on a highland adventure.

Tour the rugged inland areas of Fiji. Take a closer look at the lives of the Fijian people, and they will not only open classrooms and homes for tourists to visit, but also open their hearts to welcome guests. When you are ready to explore the smaller islands of Fiji, It takes 15 minutes by car from Nadi Airport to Denarau. Denarau Pier is a leisurely gateway to Fiji’s two most popular hideaways — Mamanuca Islands (Mamanuca) and Yasawa Islands (Yasawa). It’s not difficult to get to these islands, but you must do your homework before to make sure you know how to get there.

The most difficult thing is not knowing which island to go to! Fijians have a saying “Every bay has its unique sea breeze”, and these islands reflect this meaning. Some islands are suitable for common people to visit, and some can only cater to the tastes of some travelers. The tiny Beachcomber Island is located in Mamanuca Marine Park. Known as the “Carnival Island”. Also in Mamanukan, you can also visit the award-winning resort on Malolo Island. Enter the world of complete relaxation.

If you are traveling without children, why not go to the luxurious and hidden places on Malolo Island to spend quality time with your lover. You can also go to the nearby Castaway Island (Castaway Island) and enjoy a relaxing moment with the family, and watch the children rediscover the wonderful world of nature. To the north of Mamanuca is the Yasawa Islands. There are twenty islands, like a piece of silver chain jewelry. Denarau has two catamarans to the Yasawa Islands every day. The boat journey is about 3 to 4 hours, however, the journey between the islands will make you a lot of fun.

Amazing Vacation Travel Guide To Fiji Castaway Island destination fiji guide Malolo Denarau Port Robinson Crusoe Island Travel Zen Tripstar Cruso

The philosophy of life here is leisure and slow work. In between the various villages, strolling on the trails and forest trails, feel free and easy. Swim underwater with gentle and huge marine life. Explore the unmanned beach, leaving only your own footprints. In addition, you can also embark on several small adventures at Denarau Pier. Take a one-day boat ride to the tiny island of Tivua and experience the most comfortable island life. Or, set sail on a Coral Catboat, and explore the pristine ocean landscape of the West Coast and beyond.

In fact, Fiji is also a fisherman’s paradise. Participate in a sea tour and you will soon catch delicious rockfish for dinner. Fijians like music very much. Wherever you go, you will hear their sweet singing and guitar sound from their hearts. Fijians value it more than music Children and family. Coming here, you will soon feel their family harmony and a sense of belonging to the family.

Bulla, welcome to Fiji. Welcome and enjoy freehand life.

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